To create a space especially for you, we need to know each other.

Tell me about your needs, expectations, tastes. About what you like and what you don’t like. Do you have any hobbies and habits that may affect project ?

Everything that inspires you like photos or newspaper clips would be helpful.

Then show me the space that need to be designed.   

At this stage the inventory and photographic documentation is created.

  • needs
  • inspirations
  • inventory


Analysis of needs, tips and inspirations.

In the form of 2D plans I present to you a solution of ergonomic space design with the placement of pieces of equipment – to live comfortably.

You will get 2 related plans to compare and choose from. Think it over and pick up the solution that works best for you. And remember if you just need any corrections just ask for them. It’s your right and it’s included. Let’s go further.

• plans


Fine, concept is ready. Now it’s time  to “see” the new interior.

In 3D visualizations the project is shown in colors, with materials and equipment. Looks cool but still these are not photo-realistic visualizations. Just to surprise yourself at the grand finale – the end of the renovation.


Now you get 2 finishing suggestions and just like when we create the concept, you have the possibility to make changes. You are the boss.

I prepare lists of finishing products and equipment.

  • 3D visualizations
  • list of finishing products
  • list of equipment


Final step – technical documentation, which will improve the construction work.

Making technical drawings with the guidelines for professionals -plans and sections. Detailed projects of the bathrooms. Furniture designs. Everything you need to complete the project.

I’m available during the construction works and stay in touch with specialists.

  • equipment plan
  • walls plan
  • color scheme
  • floor plan
  • ceiling plan
  • lighting plan
  • electric guidelines
  • hydraulic guidelines
  • ventilation and heating guidelines
  • sections
  • bathroom designs
  • furniture designs